Sex offender jailed for 26 years after ‘horrifying’ abuse of a child

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A judge praised the work of police officers who helped put an ‘evil predator’ behind bars.

Two Durham police officers and a civilian member of staff have been commended by a judge for their work in bringing the child rapist to justice.

Keith Jacobs, formerly of Shotton Colliery, subjected the child to ‘horrifying’ abuse which was described by Durham Constabulary officers as one of the worst cases they had ever seen.

He took images of himself abusing the child and shared them with like-minded individuals around the world.

Police in Canada initially alerted Durham Constabulary to the images, which officers traced back to Jacobs.

His phone was seized and the contents downloaded, revealing the horrific material.

Officers meticulously examined the footage and found clothing in the background of some of the footage matched clothing Jacobs was wearing in other pictures and videos, which linked him to the crimes.

They also identified that the abuser was wearing a distinctive ring, which was later found at Jacob’s property and seized by officers.

The 57-year-old admitted one count of rape of a child, assault by penetration, sexual assault and three counts of making and distributing indecent images of children.

The images ranged from category A – the most serious – through to category C.

At Durham Crown Court last Friday, Judge Christopher Prince jailed Jacobs for 26 years, with an extended licence period of six years.

During the sentencing, he awarded Detective Sergeants Tony Elliott and Joanne Godber, and forensic examiner Adam Grundy judicial commendations for their work on the ‘complex and protracted’ investigation.

He said: “It is an investigation which has self-evidently been conducted meticulously and tenaciously by the officers.”

Speaking after the sentencing, Det Sgt Elliott said: “This was an extremely challenging and upsetting investigation which was one of the worst cases of child abuse I have ever seen.

“Jacobs is an evil predator who targeted the vulnerable.

I am pleased that he will now spend a significant length of time behind bars and hope he uses that time to reflect on the impact of his actions.

“I also hope this sentence shows that sexual abuse against anyone in County Durham and Darlington will not be tolerated, and we will go to great lengths to thoroughly investigate offences and bring those who commit these horrific crimes to justice.

“The victim in this case has been safeguarded and will receive ongoing support to help them come to terms with their abuse.”



A MAN who downloaded a ‘paedophile manual’ containing detailed instructions on how to sexually abuse children, including babies, has been jailed.

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Jamie Downing, 27, of Oak Vale, Oakfield, Ryde, admitted downloading the manual as well as thousands of indecent images of children and extreme pornography involving sex with animals and was sentenced at Isle of Wight Crown Court this morning (Tuesday 5th Feb).

Sentencing, Judge Roger Hetherington said: “The worst offence of these, which takes this case to levels of depravity that this court seldom sees, is that of the manual, which gives detailed advice on the abuse of very young children, including babies.

“It is hard to express in words how the public would feel about that kind of material being possessed by someone like you.”

After police raided Downing’s address and seized computer equipment, examiners found 583 category A images, 1,087 category B and 1,862 category C. They also found 65 extreme pornography images and 1,789 prohibited images of children, which are non-photographic cartoons or computer animated images.

The paedophile manual was also found, which was a slideshow presentation with instructions on how to abuse children and how to avoid being caught.

Prosecuting, Tom Horder said the officers who examined the manual described the material as “graphic and particularly shocking”.

Mr Horder said that Downing was highly IT literate and had customised his computer and organised the illegal files across six different hard drives.

Downing admitted to police viewing similar material since he was the age of 16 and only now realised that what he was doing was wrong and had not equated the people on his screen as real children.

For Downing, Helen Easterbrook said that the moment police knocked on her client’s door, he pointed to where the material could be found and did not try to shy away from what he had done.

“In a strange way, he is glad this has come to light. He was putting his head in the sand and only saw them as people on his screen,” Ms Easterbrook said.

“He is disgusted with himself. He has started to understand the impact on the wider community and where these images have come from.”

Ms Easterbrook asked the judge not to imprison Downing so that he could be treated through rehabilitation activities to minimise the risk of him reoffending.

Judge Hetherington said: “I would be failing in my public duty if this case was not met with an immediate custodial sentence.”

Downing was jailed for a total of 12 months.


Paedophile jailed for 15 years

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A paedophile who raped and sexually assaulted a young girl in Cambridge has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The victim disclosed to police and social services that she had been raped and sexually assaulted by Kedienhon for two years, with the abuse starting when she was just seven years old.

Police and social care workers first became aware of the disclosures in October 2015, via an anonymous call made to social services.

Greg Kedienhon, 27, of no fixed address, was arrested in early 2017 but denied all the offences.

He stood trial at Peterborough Crown Court from 11 December, where he was found guilty of rape and two charges of sexual assault.

Kedienhon has been jailed for a total of 15 years.

He was also made the subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) for a period of 15 years and put on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

DC Andrea Dollard, who investigated, said: “Kedienhon’s offences have had a huge impact on the victim.

“Despite this, she was very brave in coming forwards and remaining patient throughout a long and difficult investigation.

“The victim can now finally receive the help she needs to move forward into what little she has left of her childhood. I hope she is now able to find some closure from this traumatic period of her life.

“Regardless of when it happened, we will always take reports of child sex abuse very seriously.”


Derbyshire pervert put his own family’s faces onto sick child abuse images

He is addicted to pornography

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A paedophile from Derbyshire altered horrific child sex images so they showed the faces of his own family members being abused.

Derby Crown Court heard how Jake Booth also had online conversations with another twisted pervert in which he discussed raping a two-year-old child.

When the 25-year-old was arrested and interviewed he admitted to police he got sexual gratification at the thought of incest.

And the hearing was told how the root of his depraved fantasies came from an addiction to pornography which he started using at the age of 11.

Judge Shaun Smith QC said: “This is quite a disturbing case in a way because of the references to your own family. It is quite disgusting.

“I do, however, accept that since the age of 11 you were groomed yourself over the internet by adults who showed you things of a sexual nature.

“That is a new phenomenon that the courts are going to have to deal with.

“The probation service believe, and I agree, that the best was of ensuring your fantasies do not turn into reality, is through a three-year community order over which you can be worked with on one-to-one and group sex offender programmes for a long period of time.”

Sarah Allen, prosecuting, said police raided Booth’s home in Alfreton after receiving information that vile child abuse images were being viewed by someone there.

She said Booth was not at home when they arrived so they arrested him at his place of work.

Miss Allen said his laptop was seized and analysed and found to contain hundreds of indecent images and movies, including more than 100 of the most serious category.

She said: “In total, 359 films of images across all three categories were found.

“A large amount of these images had been altered by the defendant so they showed the faces of family members (being sexually abused).

“Some of the other images showed girls as young as eight having sex with adults.

“There was also a file in which some of the images were kept which he had titled ‘young’.”

Miss Allen said further analysis found Booth had carried out internet searches for “pre-teen hardcore”.

She said: “He had also shared at least one image online and had engaged in an online conversation with another user in which he discussed raping a two-year-old.

“In his police interview he accepted he had issues with pornography but said it was ‘all fantasies’.

“He admitted he got sexual gratification at the thought of incest.”

Booth, of Hall Street, pleaded guilty to charges of possession and distribution of indecent images.

David Outterside, mitigating, said his client has spent “the majority of his life on his computer in his bedroom” following the death of his father when he was 11.

He said: “Essentially, he’s been raised by his computer and since the age of 11 he’s been using pornography to deal with his emotional imbalance.

“He has been abused and exploited himself by adults over the internet from a tender age.”

As well as the community order, Judge Smith handed Booth a five-year sexual harm prevention order and placed him of the sex offender’s register for five years.

An NSPCC spokesman said: “By viewing and downloading this horrific material, Booth has been fuelling an evil industry and helping ensure more innocent children will be abused.

“The NSPCC is calling on Government, law enforcement agencies and tech companies to work together to help rid the internet of child abuse imagery and ensure that, when it does appear, it is promptly removed.

“Anyone concerned about a child can contact the NSPCC Helpline in confidence on 0808 800 5000 while Childline is there for young people on 0800 1111.”


‘Predatory paedophile’ changed name to Steven Gerrard to befriend boys

He had befriended single mums across the country to take advantage of their sons – even planning to take one away on holiday

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A man from Coventry who changed his name to Steven Gerrard to befriend football loving boys has been jailed.

Steven Harrison had previously been convicted for sexually assaulting a child back in 2012.

But Harrison, formerly of Westmorland Road in Wyken, was arrested again in October 2017 after the Sex Offenders Management Unit at West Midlands Police discovered images on his phone.

Officers uncovered social media posts suggesting he was attending a church in the city − a move bringing him into contact with children and breaching his Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO).

They searched an address linked to him and recovered a hidden lap-top, photographs of children and several junior size football kits.

Examination of the computer revealed Harrison was grooming single mums across the UK − many of whom he’d met on dating sites − in order to have contact with their sons.

Several photos on the laptop also showed the 44-year-old grinning in family-type poses alongside women and their children.

The investigation led detectives to a woman in Bedfordshire who’d been spun a web of lies by Harrison to hide his criminal past.

Luton Crown Court heard how he intimidated and threatened her 11-year-old son to stop him disclosing the abuse.

Harrison told the boy that something bad would happen and made him think that he, the victim, would face prison if anyone found out.

The court also heard he was planning to take him away on a trip before police arrested him and safeguarded the youngster.

He was arrested just days before an arranged trip with the boy.

Harrison was charged with 10 counts of breaching his SHPO and jailed for 32 months.

However, Offender Managers from West Midlands Police continued working with Bedfordshire Police who found Harrison had groomed many other boys − sexually assaulting at least one − and at Luton Crown Court on Friday (January 18) he was jailed for 10 years.

Coventry Police Sex Offender Manager, Sergeant Dan Woolley, said: “Harrison created a story that he had been a semi-professional footballer and even changed his name to Steven Gerrard to assist with this façade. He treated boys by giving them Liverpool football kits and taking them to Anfield.

“He embedded himself into several women’s lives, grooming them into thinking he was a kind, considerate “father figure” for their sons.

“The woman we traced in Bedfordshire was totally unaware of his convictions and status as a sex offender and allowed him to access her young boys; he also befriended several of her friends and associates in that area, also with young boys.”

Detective Constable Claire Long, who investigated Harrison’s crimes, added: “Harrison cannot be described as anything other than a predatory paedophile.

“He carefully and skilfully entered the family’s life as a trusted friend with only one goal, to abuse his victim.

“This long custodial sentence has removed him from the community, so he no longer poses a danger to anyone.

“No amount of jail time can reverse what has happened, but hopefully it will bring a sense of justice to the victim and his family.”


Not a Paedo story but shocking none the least and deserves to be put out there for everyone to see, and be aware of, because these people are dangerous


Karen Matthews who now uses the name Katy Parker lives on Queens road in Reading.

Matthews is often reported as having been given a new identity since being released from her 8 year prison sentence for faking the abduction of her young daughter Shannon to get a £50k reward…

BUT IT IS NOT TRUE! She uses a fake name but it’s not her official name. The papers choose not to reveal her chosen identity of Katy Parker so that they cannot be accused of putting her at risk.



Karen Matthews was recently reported in the papers for verbally abusing staff at the Royal Berkshire hospital because they would not put her in a private room away from the general public recognising her.

This week she is again being reported on for calling the police to come and act as her taxi service because somebody recognised her when she was out shopping in Henley upon Thames.

Startlingly, the Henley upon Thames incident throws up a whole new issue, because recently her new boyfriend and his partner were revealed as plying their trade in Henley…

Ian Standing and his partner Louise


Ian Standing is a well known fraudster, who was convicted of serious frauds.

In particular, he cheated a lady out of over £300.000.

That lady was suffering with cancer and Ian Standing pretended he also had cancer so he could gain her sympathy and fleece her entire life savings and inheritance.


Behind Louise’s back, Ian was embarking on an affair with Karen Matthews.

They pretended to be homeless, having lost their enormous house and business, saying Ian Standings mother had made some dubious business decisions, which was naturally all lies.

Ian is just an evil human being, preying on the weak and vulnerable.

When he was arrested he had been living it up, staying in exclusive hotels with bills running into tens of thousands of pounds, money he stole and swindled from vulnerable people.

Once released from prison, Ian Standing had set up shop in Henley upon Thames and fleeced many, many people, and charities.


He kept up the charade for some considerable time, until he eventually returned to Reading and managed to meet up with Karen Matthews.

Ian Standing saw her as a meal ticket and moved in on her.

Initially Standing was getting to know her business and selling every bit of information to various newspapers.

True to form though, he would sell one alleged story to one newspaper and as soon as a deal was struck, he’d try to sell the same story to another newspaper and another and another.

It was not long before Ian Standing was telling everyone that Karen Matthews was a shoplifter and dabbling in prostitution.

He was creating profiles online saying it was her herself when it was him all along.

However, it soon became apparent that Karen Matthews was in fact in on the scams.

People have come forward and confirmed that they actually spoke to her and met her when arrangements were made through Ian Standing.

At one point it was revealed that Social Services and Matthews liaison officer had arranged for Matthews to visit her children.

She had previously travelled up north to meet them in a burger bar.

Matthews returned with up to date pictures of her daughter Shannon, but there is a court order protecting her identity so whilst they are available, they will not be shown here.


Standing temporarily fell out with Matthews because he revealed to numerous newspapers that Matthews was travelling again to see her children.

The newspapers arrived at Reading train station to photograph her and that trip was abandoned.

Convicted fraudster Ian Standing built a relationship with the notorious Karen Matthews and, despite all her associates warning her to stay away, to get rid of him, she maintained that relationship with him until a national newspaper mentioned it and she was forced to call time on it for a little while.


This has caused Ian Standing a few problems and he returned to Henley upon Thames to ply his wicked trade until some great people there recognised him and outed him on social media.

But they couldn’t stay apart for long.

Matthews recently went there to meet up with him and now they are back in full time contact with Ian Standing relocating back to Reading.

He couldn’t stay around Henley much longer too many people have already seen his picture and know who he is.

We are adding some links to verify his convictions, we don’t need to verify hers, everyone already knows who and what she is.


`Ruthless, unrepentant´ paedophile jailed for 14 years

A “ruthless” sexual predator who had images of children being abused as the screensaver on his computer has been jailed for 14 years.


Robert Hawkins was described by a judge as an “unrepentant paedophile” as he was sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh on Friday.

The 58-year-old was convicted of the repeated rape of two women and serious sexual offences against a six-year-old girl and a boy of the same age at various addresses in Edinburgh and Dumfries between 1990 and 2004.

He was brought to justice after investigations by Police Scotland’s cybercrime and public protection units.

Lord Pentland said the “calculated and sustained” sexual abuse of the children over many years had had a devastating effect on their lives.

The judge’s sentencing statement, released by the Judicial Office for Scotland following the hearing, said: “I am left in no doubt that you are a devious, ruthless and dangerous sexual predator, and an unrepentant paedophile.

“Even now you have shown no remorse and have evinced no empathy for your victims or insight into the harm you have caused them.

“Whilst you have experienced certain difficulties and challenges in your life, these cannot begin to excuse the extreme gravity of your offending.

“You are an intelligent man and must have been fully aware how profoundly wrong your conduct was.”

During the trial Hawkins pleaded guilty to the possession of a large number of indecent images of young children between 2006 and 2016.

His screensaver played images of children being abused, and chat logs recovered from his computer showed he communicated with other paedophiles.

Hawkins was jailed for 14 years after which he will be on licence for five years.

Detective Sergeant David Brady said: “Robert Hawkins is a dangerous and predatory individual who committed a number of extremely serious sexual offences against women and children over a prolonged period of time.

“The evidence gathered against Hawkins during our investigation was overwhelming. However, his conviction was only possible thanks to the bravery of the victims in coming forward to report the abuse that they had suffered.”