Not a Paedo story but shocking none the least and deserves to be put out there for everyone to see, and be aware of, because these people are dangerous


Karen Matthews who now uses the name Katy Parker lives on Queens road in Reading.

Matthews is often reported as having been given a new identity since being released from her 8 year prison sentence for faking the abduction of her young daughter Shannon to get a £50k reward…

BUT IT IS NOT TRUE! She uses a fake name but it’s not her official name. The papers choose not to reveal her chosen identity of Katy Parker so that they cannot be accused of putting her at risk.



Karen Matthews was recently reported in the papers for verbally abusing staff at the Royal Berkshire hospital because they would not put her in a private room away from the general public recognising her.

This week she is again being reported on for calling the police to come and act as her taxi service because somebody recognised her when she was out shopping in Henley upon Thames.

Startlingly, the Henley upon Thames incident throws up a whole new issue, because recently her new boyfriend and his partner were revealed as plying their trade in Henley…

Ian Standing and his partner Louise


Ian Standing is a well known fraudster, who was convicted of serious frauds.

In particular, he cheated a lady out of over £300.000.

That lady was suffering with cancer and Ian Standing pretended he also had cancer so he could gain her sympathy and fleece her entire life savings and inheritance.


Behind Louise’s back, Ian was embarking on an affair with Karen Matthews.

They pretended to be homeless, having lost their enormous house and business, saying Ian Standings mother had made some dubious business decisions, which was naturally all lies.

Ian is just an evil human being, preying on the weak and vulnerable.

When he was arrested he had been living it up, staying in exclusive hotels with bills running into tens of thousands of pounds, money he stole and swindled from vulnerable people.

Once released from prison, Ian Standing had set up shop in Henley upon Thames and fleeced many, many people, and charities.


He kept up the charade for some considerable time, until he eventually returned to Reading and managed to meet up with Karen Matthews.

Ian Standing saw her as a meal ticket and moved in on her.

Initially Standing was getting to know her business and selling every bit of information to various newspapers.

True to form though, he would sell one alleged story to one newspaper and as soon as a deal was struck, he’d try to sell the same story to another newspaper and another and another.

It was not long before Ian Standing was telling everyone that Karen Matthews was a shoplifter and dabbling in prostitution.

He was creating profiles online saying it was her herself when it was him all along.

However, it soon became apparent that Karen Matthews was in fact in on the scams.

People have come forward and confirmed that they actually spoke to her and met her when arrangements were made through Ian Standing.

At one point it was revealed that Social Services and Matthews liaison officer had arranged for Matthews to visit her children.

She had previously travelled up north to meet them in a burger bar.

Matthews returned with up to date pictures of her daughter Shannon, but there is a court order protecting her identity so whilst they are available, they will not be shown here.


Standing temporarily fell out with Matthews because he revealed to numerous newspapers that Matthews was travelling again to see her children.

The newspapers arrived at Reading train station to photograph her and that trip was abandoned.

Convicted fraudster Ian Standing built a relationship with the notorious Karen Matthews and, despite all her associates warning her to stay away, to get rid of him, she maintained that relationship with him until a national newspaper mentioned it and she was forced to call time on it for a little while.


This has caused Ian Standing a few problems and he returned to Henley upon Thames to ply his wicked trade until some great people there recognised him and outed him on social media.

But they couldn’t stay apart for long.

Matthews recently went there to meet up with him and now they are back in full time contact with Ian Standing relocating back to Reading.

He couldn’t stay around Henley much longer too many people have already seen his picture and know who he is.

We are adding some links to verify his convictions, we don’t need to verify hers, everyone already knows who and what she is.



`Ruthless, unrepentant´ paedophile jailed for 14 years

A “ruthless” sexual predator who had images of children being abused as the screensaver on his computer has been jailed for 14 years.


Robert Hawkins was described by a judge as an “unrepentant paedophile” as he was sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh on Friday.

The 58-year-old was convicted of the repeated rape of two women and serious sexual offences against a six-year-old girl and a boy of the same age at various addresses in Edinburgh and Dumfries between 1990 and 2004.

He was brought to justice after investigations by Police Scotland’s cybercrime and public protection units.

Lord Pentland said the “calculated and sustained” sexual abuse of the children over many years had had a devastating effect on their lives.

The judge’s sentencing statement, released by the Judicial Office for Scotland following the hearing, said: “I am left in no doubt that you are a devious, ruthless and dangerous sexual predator, and an unrepentant paedophile.

“Even now you have shown no remorse and have evinced no empathy for your victims or insight into the harm you have caused them.

“Whilst you have experienced certain difficulties and challenges in your life, these cannot begin to excuse the extreme gravity of your offending.

“You are an intelligent man and must have been fully aware how profoundly wrong your conduct was.”

During the trial Hawkins pleaded guilty to the possession of a large number of indecent images of young children between 2006 and 2016.

His screensaver played images of children being abused, and chat logs recovered from his computer showed he communicated with other paedophiles.

Hawkins was jailed for 14 years after which he will be on licence for five years.

Detective Sergeant David Brady said: “Robert Hawkins is a dangerous and predatory individual who committed a number of extremely serious sexual offences against women and children over a prolonged period of time.

“The evidence gathered against Hawkins during our investigation was overwhelming. However, his conviction was only possible thanks to the bravery of the victims in coming forward to report the abuse that they had suffered.”


Convicted paedophile revealed to be ‘respected’ member of Bath community

Martin Coulson, 70, was convicted of six counts of indecent assault spanning three decades

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 1.33.28 pm

The Somerset man convicted of indecently assaulting children as young as five-years-old was a prominent member of the Bath community, it has emerged.

Martin Coulson, 70, was sentenced to three years in prison following a trial at Portsmouth Crown Court for six counts of indecent assault committed across three decades.

The offences took place in Gosport, Hampshire, in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, as Somerset Live reported last week.

However, Bath Live can now exclusively reveal that Coulson, whose address was listed in court as Highbury Road, Weston-super-Mare, had strong links to the Bath area, previously acting as chairman of the Combe Down Heritage Society and taking part in several public campaigns.

He has since vacated the chairmanship, a spokesman for the society confirmed.

The spokesman said: “We’re looking for another chairman.

“Martin resigned on October 2, with no reason given.

“He was an extremely active and creative chairman.

“We’ll struggle to replace him with someone with the same sort of drive.”

Coulson participated in numerous activities as chairman including local lectures, historical projects and consultation schemes.

In fact, tickets were still available this week for a talk to be held by Coulson on November 8.

Coulson was also an OBE, having received the recognition in 1995 while serving as a lieutenant colonel in the Territorial Army.


Pervert caught with indecent images of children gave ‘fanciful’ explanation about being a paedophile hunter

Simon Chambers, of South Shields, was caught with 100 indecent pictures of children aged between two and seven

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 1.15.10 pm

A pervert caught with indecent images of children as young as two gave police a “fanciful” explanation that he downloaded them as part of a sting to catch paedophiles.

Simon Chambers was found to have 100 pictures of youngsters on his phone when police swooped on his home.

The pictures, 21 of which were in the most serious category, showed children aged between two and seven.

Chambers, 50, initially claimed they had been downloaded accidentally but then went on to give a “convoluted account” about doing it to catch local perverts.

Judge Stephen Earl told him his excuse for having the images was “fanciful”.

He added: “This wasn’t a sting operation in action, this was for your own sexual gratification, as you have admitted by virtue of your plea.”

The judge added: “One of the things we all hold true is the fact we protect those weakest in society. The weakest of all are children.

“Unfortunately, while there are people viewing and distributing these sort of images, there will be people to take these sort of images.”

Prosecutor Michael Bunch told the court police had raided Chambers’ home on December 12 last year.

Mr Bunch said: “All were still images. The age range, assessed by the expert from the police forensic unit, was between the ages of two and seven.”

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 1.27.43 pm

The court heard during initial interview by police, Chambers claimed some material may have been downloaded on his phone accidentally and then been deleted.

Mr Bunch added: “The defendant was re-interviewed following the interrogation of the device.

“He gave a long, convoluted, account, suggesting the images had been downloaded by him for use in order to set up a sting operation to identify local paedophiles.”

Chambers, of Stanhope Road, South Shields, pleaded guilty to three offences of making indecent images of children.

He was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with programme and rehabilitation requirements. He must also sign the sex offenders register and abide by a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years.

Jennifer Coxon, defending, said Chambers has no previous convictions.

She added: “While he did make initial denials in interview, he did go on to accept responsibility.”


We posted this scumbag way back in November 2017, but because this page was constantly being mass reported by another page, Facebook removed it, and then CONVICTED PAEDOS like this scumbag are able to wander around without people knowing who they are and what they have done,


We posted about this scumbag having an iPad and iPhone which was against the conditions of his sexual harm prevention order, had that post been visible for the past however many months, people would have given him a very wide berth, people would have been aware and who knows perhaps he would not have had a chance to download more images.

Todays story

A PAEDOPHILE who fantasised about kidnapping Madeleine McCann has walked free after being caught with child abuse images.

Barry Shaw, 38, argued he would lose his spot at university if he was put behind bars.


It comes after Shaw was jailed in 2012 after investigators searching his laptop uncovered the largest collection of indecent images from the most extreme category ever.

The court heard he had fantasised about kidnapping toddler Madeleine McCann and downloaded thousands of horrific child sex abuse images, showing disturbing acts including between adults and children as well as bestiality and sadomasochism.

He has now moved to Southampton and was caught by officers again who discovered he downloaded an image of a teenage girl dressed in stockings and underwear before moving it to the recycle bin of his laptop.

Shaw was convicted at Southampton Crown Court after admitting one count of making an indecent photograph of a child.

Eve Shelley, defending, said Shaw had “deep-rooted issues” with the images and was estranged from his family.

She said: “He was failing in his studies, that led him to have an increase in his low mood and an increase in his stress.

“The way he dealt with that was to access pornography.”

Rose Burns, prosecuting, said Shaw was arrested after a search at his property in July last year. At the time he was already serving a 24-month community order for breaching a sexual harm prevention order.


Judge Gary Burrell QC gave Shaw a 24-month community order and ordered him to carry out 15 days of rehabilitation requirements.

He said Shaw was “addicted to porn and has been for a while”.

He added: “The worrying thing is it seems you have a sexual interest in children. That is worrying for the community and those who are close to you.

“Here you are again, with a picture of a little girl dressed up in a bikini or underwear that is of course illegal.

“If you continue to behave like that or access those images you are going to destroy yourself.”

The University of Southampton, which is part of the Russell Group, refused to comment after the case and also refused to confirm what Shaw studies.


York paedophile Keith Ryman jailed for 16 years for abusing three girls

A PAEDOPHILE may die behind bars after a jury convicted him of sexually abusing three girls when they were aged between three and 14, York Crown Court heard.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 8.22.49 am

Keith Ryman, 75, is starting a 16-year jail sentence for 20 years of sexual crimes against two generations of an extended family.

The jury heard the girls only spoke out when the youngest saw him with a three-year-old child and feared he was doing what he had done to her when she was three years old.

Judge Simon Hickey told Ryman: “You took the opportunity to inveigle yourself into the trust of the family and you were able to use your power as an adult in order to say at times to the victims ‘you won’t be believed and I will be believed’.”

Ryman had blackmailed one of the victims to keep silent with the “insidious” threat that he would abuse her sister if she spoke out.

When they did reveal the truth, Ryman had forced them to relive what he had done by making them give evidence against him, the judge said.

The jury convicted Ryman of 10 charges of indecent assault, four of sexual assault and one of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Ryman, of Carnot Street, off Leeman Road, York, denied all the offences, plus two charges of sexual assault of which the jury had acquitted him.

He will be on the sex offenders’ register and subject to a sexual harm prevention order and a restraining order banning him from contacting the victims, all for life.

His barrister Laura Addy said after the verdicts: “It may be he never sees the light of day out of prison again.”

In a victim personal statement, one victim told how Ryman’s crimes had driven her to drink and drugs before she was 14 and to start smoking when she was 12.

Another told how they had affected her schoolwork.

All told how difficult they found it to talk about what he had done, to form relationships and to trust men.

Miss Addy said prison would be hard for Ryman because of his mobility problems, his poor hearing and other medical problems.

An NSPCC spokesperson said: “What Ryman put this family through is utterly unimaginable.

“His awful attempt to threaten a victim into silence was fruitless and, thankfully, those he targeted found the courage to speak out.

“We hope today’s sentencing provides some degree of comfort and helps them to move forward.


One of Britain’s most prolific online paedophiles has ‘excessive’ prison sentence reduced

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 10.08.23 am

One of Britain’s most prolific and depraved paedophiles has succeeded in having his “manifestly excessive” prison sentence reduced.

Matthew Falder, 29, a Cambridge graduate who orchestrated a campaign of appalling internet abuse against hundreds of vulnerable victims, had his 32-year jail term cut to 25 years.

The Court of Appeal ruled that it was the “appropriate” custodial term, taking into account credit for his guilty pleas and “the principle of totality”.

Lord Justice Holyrode said the court had “considered carefully what total sentence would impose a just and proper punishment for the grave offences”.

He said that Judge Philip Parker QC, who sentenced Falder in February, had failed to have “sufficient regard to totality”.

Bespectacled Falder watched the proceedings via video link from prison.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 10.10.21 am

The Birmingham University academic, who was awarded a masters and PhD by Cambridge University, was jailed in February after admitting 137 charges relating to the blackmail of scores of men, women and children into carrying out humiliating and degrading acts including encouraging the rape of a child, forcing a girl to eat dog food, making another lick a lavatory seat and getting another to eat their own faeces.

He targeted more than 300 victims yet evaded capture for eight years by operating on the so-called dark web.

He was caught following a four-year international investigation led by the National Crime Agency, which involved the cooperation of the Department for Homeland Security in America and spies based at GCHQ.

Judge Parker branded Falder “warped and sadistic” and an “internet highwayman”.

He gave him a six-year licence period which was increased to eight years by the Court of Appeal.