Not a Paedo story but shocking none the least and deserves to be put out there for everyone to see, and be aware of, because these people are dangerous


Karen Matthews who now uses the name Katy Parker lives on Queens road in Reading.

Matthews is often reported as having been given a new identity since being released from her 8 year prison sentence for faking the abduction of her young daughter Shannon to get a £50k reward…

BUT IT IS NOT TRUE! She uses a fake name but it’s not her official name. The papers choose not to reveal her chosen identity of Katy Parker so that they cannot be accused of putting her at risk.



Karen Matthews was recently reported in the papers for verbally abusing staff at the Royal Berkshire hospital because they would not put her in a private room away from the general public recognising her.

This week she is again being reported on for calling the police to come and act as her taxi service because somebody recognised her when she was out shopping in Henley upon Thames.

Startlingly, the Henley upon Thames incident throws up a whole new issue, because recently her new boyfriend and his partner were revealed as plying their trade in Henley…

Ian Standing and his partner Louise


Ian Standing is a well known fraudster, who was convicted of serious frauds.

In particular, he cheated a lady out of over £300.000.

That lady was suffering with cancer and Ian Standing pretended he also had cancer so he could gain her sympathy and fleece her entire life savings and inheritance.


Behind Louise’s back, Ian was embarking on an affair with Karen Matthews.

They pretended to be homeless, having lost their enormous house and business, saying Ian Standings mother had made some dubious business decisions, which was naturally all lies.

Ian is just an evil human being, preying on the weak and vulnerable.

When he was arrested he had been living it up, staying in exclusive hotels with bills running into tens of thousands of pounds, money he stole and swindled from vulnerable people.

Once released from prison, Ian Standing had set up shop in Henley upon Thames and fleeced many, many people, and charities.


He kept up the charade for some considerable time, until he eventually returned to Reading and managed to meet up with Karen Matthews.

Ian Standing saw her as a meal ticket and moved in on her.

Initially Standing was getting to know her business and selling every bit of information to various newspapers.

True to form though, he would sell one alleged story to one newspaper and as soon as a deal was struck, he’d try to sell the same story to another newspaper and another and another.

It was not long before Ian Standing was telling everyone that Karen Matthews was a shoplifter and dabbling in prostitution.

He was creating profiles online saying it was her herself when it was him all along.

However, it soon became apparent that Karen Matthews was in fact in on the scams.

People have come forward and confirmed that they actually spoke to her and met her when arrangements were made through Ian Standing.

At one point it was revealed that Social Services and Matthews liaison officer had arranged for Matthews to visit her children.

She had previously travelled up north to meet them in a burger bar.

Matthews returned with up to date pictures of her daughter Shannon, but there is a court order protecting her identity so whilst they are available, they will not be shown here.


Standing temporarily fell out with Matthews because he revealed to numerous newspapers that Matthews was travelling again to see her children.

The newspapers arrived at Reading train station to photograph her and that trip was abandoned.

Convicted fraudster Ian Standing built a relationship with the notorious Karen Matthews and, despite all her associates warning her to stay away, to get rid of him, she maintained that relationship with him until a national newspaper mentioned it and she was forced to call time on it for a little while.


This has caused Ian Standing a few problems and he returned to Henley upon Thames to ply his wicked trade until some great people there recognised him and outed him on social media.

But they couldn’t stay apart for long.

Matthews recently went there to meet up with him and now they are back in full time contact with Ian Standing relocating back to Reading.

He couldn’t stay around Henley much longer too many people have already seen his picture and know who he is.

We are adding some links to verify his convictions, we don’t need to verify hers, everyone already knows who and what she is.